It is the policy of Jenkin Bros. Engineers to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing products that meet or exceed the specifications and expectations of our customers, and their customers, in every respect. The company has operated in accordance with Quality Assurance procedures since 1995 and, as a demonstration of its commitment to ongoing improvement in its products and services, has upgraded the planning and control activities of its Quality Assurance System to comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements The objectives of this Quality System are to: Recognise and understand customer objectives and meet their requirements. Monitor customer satisfaction by the evaluation of information relating to customers' perception as to whether Jenkin Bros. Engineers has met those requirements. Ensure continual improvement of processes and services, based on objective measurement. Ensure all personnel have the necessary skills and training to enable these objectives to be met. This policy and commitment is communicated to all levels of management and employees of the Company, and to our existing and potential customers, and is subject to regular review to ensure continual relevance in response to changing needs and expectations of customers and our market place. In an effort to enhance our measuring capabilities, we have initiated the process of investing in a portable measuring arm. Eliminating human error and capable of measuring consistently to microns, this piece of equipment ensures that our customers quality expectations are not only exceeded; but moreover measured, verified and recorded accordingly.